What To Look For in a Trusted Advisor

Before we even answer that, what is a trusted advisor? Succinctly, “One who possesses and uses great communication skills.” A trusted advisor is one who practices thought leadership in their business for their clients.

They engage and build deeper customer relationships by providing more complete solutions, business development and help their clients create a competitive advantage.

So, what separates trusted advisors from everybody else?

Studies reveal the following: 

  • They exhibit superior creativity in listening to client issues and creating a solution strategy that clearly shows how it solves the problem quickly and thoroughly.
  • They find a way to outline options and the pros and cons to the client in such a way that it becomes the client’s decision.
  • They take ownership of the customer more, whereas average performers take ownership of the problem.
  • They do the right thing even if it means they don’t get the work by always seeking ways to provide a greater value to the customer. 
  • They are fearless in their approach to problem-solving and never jeopardize their client relationship in order to close a deal.
  • They have knowledge in both the client’s environment and their business and they take the trouble to understand more and obtain a better grasp of their clients overall business needs.
  • Top performers have a holistic viewpoint and clearly, see the importance and the fit of their professional services as part of the overall solution when combined with a broad understanding of products and services.

When seeking the services of a trusted advisor, use these bullet points as questions to ask making sure you retain their responses. After interviewing a few advisors, you’ll know which one is the best fit to be your, trusted advisor.

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