What are the Three Kinds of Money?

I’m not referring to “types of currency”,  I’m specifically referring to these. 1. Today. 2. Tomorrow. And 3. Never

Perhaps remembering them as, Young me money, older me money, and dead men, money.

My point is not to sound morbid or put your mind into a place of even thinking that way. My goal is to spark you into pondering the best places to direct earnings to so money can cease to be a source of pain to think about.

Sure. We all know what money IS, but not all of us know what money, when leveraged properly, can do. Those of us who do, are constantly and wisely on the hunt for additionally protected havens to pack more of it in to. This applies whether you’re just beginning to grow it, or have a big stack of it. Your silent partner is working harder than you ever will to separate as much of it from you as he can. He’s working day and night, never sleeps, and has an army of servants watching over your every move with it. When you think about it, this is precisely how your money should be treated. Sadly, bad advice, bad markets, bad choices, and bad planning, make it all too easy for “Uncle Sam” to take it from you.

So, what are you to do? This is an amazingly simple question to answer. Two words. Get. Educated. Even though you may be highly educated in your field of expertise, this doesn’t mean you’re financially educated. By no means is intended as an insult. It’s merely a suggestion on how to protect as much as possible against your uncle helping himself to it. When I go to a physician, I could care less if he’s educated in how to grow world-class roses. I do,  however, care greatly that he’s highly educated in solving the problem for which I now sit in front of him with. I need to trust him. I need to follow his professional advice. In doing so, I become healthy again.

Finding the right financial strategist to solve your problem the first time around can be extremely challenging. The best course of action is asking those you trust. Those who know such a person who is accessible and has success for what you seek.

This is where you should be placing your “today” money, as its health is vital to becoming the coveted, “tomorrow” money.

“Tomorrow” money. This is money you plan on accessing, without fear of it ever running dry, at some point in your future when you decide you are finished being a worker bee.

It’s critical to arriving at this point with a stack which is protected and guaranteed. You never want to arrive here without it having either of those attributes. Remember, it’s not how much money you make, it’s how much money you keep.

An army of options exists here. Scams, real estate, the stock market, bitcoin, network marketing, Iraqi dinar, FOREX accounts, and the dangerous Nike shoebox in the back of the closet.

Every day you may be bombarded by an investment offering by a number of people. Some family, colleagues, best friends. Only when you’ve invested in something which fails can you become wiser and more protective with your money. Losing something always makes us more protective with what we have left which we consider valuable. I’m not referring solely to money here – family and fellow humans should always rank at the top of this list.

A risk is something highly successful people are open to. The greater the risk, the greater potential for greater reward. If you consider yourself a high-risk taker, the world of shysters is seeking you out. If you understand risk is necessary to better yourself, in all areas, you will continue leading an exciting life. If you are risk-averse, you can still assure yourself of creating a comfortable nest egg to allow you the lifestyle you prefer.

Tomorrow money should be pushed into vehicles offering proven protection against loss, a haven for growth, and ultimately, tax-free distribution. WITHOUT your silent partner having any involvement or interference in at all.

Whoa. Without governmental intervention? Is this possible? Not only is it possible, it’s sanctioned for use by Uncle Sam. Provided you know, and, follow the rules. Break, even bend them, and your silent partner will be very much your “loudmouth” nightmare.

“Never” money. It’s been said, “Never say never”. With that, I will somewhat agree. This is the bucket of money which exceeds the amount of tomorrow money you have. By a lot. Meaning, you’ll never need to touch it. In a perfect world, it would be in a golden vault, earning interest to then be given to your whomever, without fear of that pesky uncle placing his grubby mitts all over it.

For most, this is the scariest money of all. It amounts to the culmination of our entire professional careers work. Our legacy. Some small evidence in this giant world of our existence to be used to boost the next generation into better. Whatever we hope that to be. But, without protecting this worthy gift, the danger of its loss is very real, destructive, and demeaning.

The responsibility rests on both the creator and receiver of the gift. Above all, to protect it and use it wisely is the gratitude commensurate with all it took to achieve it.

Today, tomorrow and never. We excel in designing flexible plans, approved by the IRS, to help anyone seeking solutions for any of these stages of their life.

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