Famed jeweler, House of Borgezie, has unveiled the “Cleopatra” stiletto. Priced at U$ 110,000, this is the first known shoe made of solid platinum. Cleopatra was known for her great beauty, and her use of her sexual appeal and aesthetic to seduce and conquer the world’s most powerful men of her time. Hence, how fitting to have these seductive shoes made of precious valuable and indestructible material bear her name. Just as Cleopatra, reigned as the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt in the high desert heat, designer Christopher

Shellis, dealt with high temperatures and complex techniques required in working with platinum for more than four years in order to produce these one-of-a-kind shoes.

Sues1Featuring a stunning lily stamen heel detail, as well as replacable heel and sole caps.

This sandal is a variation of Borgezie’s diamond stiletto shoe, featuring the classic lilly stamen heel design, creating a perfect statuesque for its wearer. The shoes are also available in 18ct yellow or white gold, at a slightly lessa U$ 93,500 price tag. These stilettos bear the timeless Borgezie iconic design that would celebrate a woman’s femininity whether it in Cleopatra’s palace or a modern day celebration.

History tells us that Cleopatra committed suicide after her alliances and power were defeated. Who knows if her fate would have been different had she had these platinum stilettos in her arsenal.


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