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Question from our reader Sonia Moss:

How does an independent recording artist protect their music and get paid when their music is played internationally? Is there a contract that  protects them, if so what is the name of that contract? 

Answer from Bruce Nahin of Entertainment Support Services LLC in Hollywood says:

Without an auditing team in the various companies, the best one can suggest is that the artist sign with the international counterparts of ascap and bmi..The US copyright  protects the artist under international convention.The artist can go to the copyright office website and file an EO form, and upload music. Contracts are between two people and does not protect the artist against  actions of the global population so sorry no contract is available.

ASCAP for example has connections with societies worldwide and can assist in the royalty audit and collection  go to  http://www.ascap.com/members/payment/international.aspx  for more info or tweet Mr. Nahin @bnahin

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