6 Reasons Why Philippines Casino is Getting More Popular

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Roll down the dice! Philippines is the next Las Vegas!


1. Philippines is top in Asia

Among other Asian Casinos, Philippines topped the list of having in total 57 casinos nationwide. Manila, where the biggest casinos in the country are situated, continues to expand and is in the midst of various casino openings attracting more investors and tourists hoping to reach the goal of being one of the major players of worldwide casinos by 2018.

2. Philippines ranked 33 in Global Games Market

With ranking 33 in the countries with the highest revenue as estimated in 2016, Philippines is now putting its name on the list of the highest revenue raising in the worldwide gaming industry.


3. Philippines casino industry invites more investors international

As Asia being perceived to be among the world’s most avid gamblers, the explosive growth in gaming supported most of the Asian economies including the Philippines. For the past years gambling tourism in the Philippines ought to be one of the most regulated resulting in attracting more investors to safely invest in building infrastructures and creating deals with the top business tycoons in the Philippine casino industry.


4. Philippines has undeniable world-class casino hotels

Philippine casino hotels will surely overwhelm you in living your American luxury and entertainment. For the recent years, the world has been witnessing Philippines as one of the fastest rising casino industry that constructed 5-star casino hotels and integrated resorts in Manila and the rest of the county such as in Cebu.


5. Philippine hotels merge casino and shopping malls in one

Manila as the capital of Philippines continues in expanding its casino industry, for the past years embraced the integration of hotels and casinos. The iconic business sharks in the hotel industry embrace the concept of putting hotels and casinos together in which includes a shopping mall within. Manila shopping mall is getting a high rate of tourist attention inviting more tourist who stays in hotels giving them a hype of entertainment through shops and game clubs at affordable prices.

6. Philippines is Las Vegas’ rival regarding sheer number of casino built along a designated gambling “strip.”

Manila will be the next big thing in the casino industry as speculations continue to sparkle through that casino operations in the Philippines will soon rival the most known city of gambling- Las Vegas. Philippines with its unceasing development in the industry infrastructures will not for long make it to the top list of the highest revenue rising worldwide with the fact that investors are still coming in and taking the risk of investing in Philippine casino industry.


Philippines as one of the leading tourist destination in Asia and even worldwide is indeed topping the list.


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