Sky is the limit when it comes to the advancement in today’s technology. Presently, the world is going crazy for latest luxury

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gadgets. People like to own these gadgets for many reasons. While these gadgets are really helpful and useful for many people, some others simply like to have a collection of latest gadgets. Mobiles, laptops, music devices, cameras are some of the most widely used gadgets. Gadgets are a way of life in this modern world. They are no considered as things of luxury or comfort. You can find many websites and blogs that keep you updated with the latest innovations. Let us have a look at few of the latest luxury gadgets.

Curved LG OLED Television

Since the release of the first plasma television in 1995, there is much advancement in the way plasma televisions are produced and marketed. Today, we can see an array of bigger and thinner plasma televisions. LG Electronics has been one of the leading manufacturers of plasma televisions. Curved LG OLED Television

is the latest advancement from this company redefining the plasma television experience. It measures 4.33m thickness and weighs around 38 pounds. With stunning features such as curved screen, 3D technology, game changing color reproduction and smart TV functionality, this is sure going to be an eye-catcher.



















Ping Vest – For Every Facebook User

Are you the kind of person who cannot stop checking your Facebook updates every two minutes on your smart phone? If yes, then Ping Vest is designed for you. Ping is a hooded wrap/vest that keeps you connected wirelessly. No matter where you are, you can now stay connected through your Facebook account with this amazing invention. It is now simpler and easier to stay in touch with your friends. The sensor built in the hood automatically sends a message to your Facebook account and updates your status when you lift up your hood or pull it down.

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