While the expression, “It’s a dog’s life” traditionally meant a life that is hard and unpleasant, that may no longer be the case for some of “Man’s best friends”. The “41 Hotel”, near Buckingham Palace in London, provides a 24-hour concierge service for its guests’ pet and the “Ruff Club” in the East Village, in Manhattan, is a

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luxury social club for dogs. Though not a hotel, Ruff Club carefully screens both the pet owner and canine and only accepts properly mannered dogs and adds some socialization into their lives. Membership interviews lasts approximately an hour and reach the same level of scrutiny as that of applying to a private school. Dogs are tested to ensure a facile handling, playful attitude and volition to meet and socialize with other dogs. Dogs with separation anxiety are provided a lavish separation anxiety window.

The two establishments share some similar services that would be seen as anything but hard or unpleasant.

The 41 Hotel provides a 24-hour concierge service for its guests’ pets. Each pet receives a “doggie-bag” that comes equipped with a toy, a treat, a tag, and a cleanup bag. Dog-sitting, pampered dog-grooming and dog-walking are all available, and the pet concierge will even provide leashes, beds, water bowls, and bathrobes for its guests’ pooches.

At the Ruff Club, pet owners are able to fully check on their dogs at any time through an iPad check-in system. They are even able to watch their dogs’ activities and attitude remotely, through webcams. According to Ruff Club’s owners, in addition to kennel and daycare services, they are also able to provide nighttime classes, which they can open up to general public. There are also the options for dogsitting on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as setting the place up

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as a meeting spot for all sorts of organizations and local groups. Ruff Club’s services are exclusive with membership fetching $149 a year. Boarding your four legged friend starts at $49 a night, while daycare starts at $29. These prices and services are nothing to bark at, or are they?????

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