In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and Women’s Healthcare Month, Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care, the pioneers in organic skin care, are sharing the top 7 questions you must ask to determine quality organic skin care. Do you get the results you want from the organic skin care product? Are the products made up fresh in-house? Are the products handcrafted? This is very important; would you eat at a restaurant that does not make its own fresh food? Does the company have printed on every label, “no synthetic chemicals—ever?” The label of all skin care products are the domain of the FDA, it has to be correct and the truth. Organic skin care is just as much about what is not in the product, as much as what is in the product. Does the company have a long track record and been in business more than 10 years? Does the company honor Mother Nature by eco-friendly packaging? Companies that truly are eco-friendly never use wasteful outer packaging, such as boxes. Do most of the ingredients come from as close to home as possible? Or do they create an enormous carbon footprint? Does the company have outside certifications such as USDA certified organic status? It is well known

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now, that many personal care products, not only pollute the environment with synthetic chemical ingredients and wasteful outer boxes, but also pollute your body and are related to many ailments.

Take control and ask these 7 important questions from every skin care company you buy your personal care products.

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