How Retirement Design Specialists Helps Its’ Affluent Clients

At RDS, our goal is to make a huge difference in the lives of our clients by designing simple and elegant wealth development and management strategies which yield a greater quality of life.

We are aware that what worked in the past will not work now because investments have largely become commoditized and differentiating between one financial consultant and another can be challenging.

The affluent have different and unique needs. They desire to elevate themselves to the higher strata of rarefied air. The air, which few can taste. It is the understanding of these often misunderstood desires which sets RDS apart from the ranks of the commonwealth manager.

We are aware the affluent want more. Affluent individuals are no longer content with simply receiving competent investment advice. They are looking for real leadership that guides them through today’s ambiguity, a plethora of products and unsettled markets so they can make well-informed financial decisions.

They also need help with more than just investments; they need assistance in mitigating taxes, protecting their wealth, transferring their wealth to the next generations and maximizing their charitable giving. Additionally, many are seeking guidance and proficiency in advanced, little-known tax-free wealth distribution and transfer strategies. Only an agile and supremely competent advisor can incorporate them all into a well-oiled, highly proficient machine of wealth creation and preservation.

In essence, they are looking for a financial consultant with access to the expertise which can address all these concerns.

With more than fifty years of experience, the case design and wealth management team at RDS represents the epitome of such discreet needs and desires of its’ affluent clients.

Without placing client assets in compromising or dangerous positions and by using state laws and obscure IRS tax codes, we are able to facilitate one of the most elusive beauties of life – complete financial peace of mind. One simply cannot place a value on such a precious commodity.

To this end, to completely understand, then design the ultimate wealth creation, protection, and growth strategy, questions need to be asked and ideals need to be exposed. Once those are on the table, a comprehensive wealth report can be constructed. One which is the tell-all blueprint resulting in the achievement of the clients’ ultimate objectives.

Don’t let words in an expensive glossy magazine be the deciding factor in discovering how to achieve your goals. Let RDS create a personalized and comprehensive wealth report addressing each area in crystal clear detail, then offer a proven recommendation for their attainment. The fee for the customized wealth report is $499. However, as a valuable subscriber and reader of Brass Ring Magazine, RDS offers this indispensable, personalized blueprint at no cost.

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