Five Ways to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

“It is not the appearance; it is the essence. It is not the money; it is the education. It is not the clothes; it is the class.” –Coco Chanel

When it comes to dressing up, there is absolutely no need to splurge your savings needlessly away just to look sharp and fashionable. As a matter of fact, looking classy and expensive in a sense are not limited to the price tags and designer labels of what you wear, but rather how you carry yourself in wearing your clothes. Follow the fail safe ways, tips and techniques down below and look sophisticated and chic in just about any clothes—from your wholesale streetwear to branded retail buys.


1.) Add a fresh fragrance

Stimulating the olfactory senses does wonders to how you are perceived—particularly if the scent is associated with a good memory. While luxe and branded scents play this psychological factor to the maximum, even affordable ones would do the trick. Just make sure that the scents you select are crisp, clean and none too overpowering. When it comes to looking classy, subtle tones work best.


2.) Wear weighty accessories

Inexpensive but attractive fashion jewelry has always been the crux of almost every woman’s impulse buys. But these are not all for naught as if when it is chosen and styled deliberately, it can immediately add bonus points to just about any outfit. Be meticulous about how you choose your jewelry though and always opt for sleek and simpler ones than the flashy and excessively shiny ones. The latter would make you look tacky as the former would just add the right amount of sophistication to your ensemble.


3.) Pay attention to details

More often than not, looking chic and expensive is only a matter of how the current state of your clothes is. Before donning anything on, do a thorough check of your garments first. Is every button in place? Are there any loose threads? Or perhaps, do you have a pulled thread? These are all signs that your clothes have already gone through some phases of the wear and tear. Although there is no absolute need to have them replaced, you cannot walk around sporting a coat with a missing button either. Repair them as soon as possible, or you could alternatively select and only buy clothes that would stand the test of time and are of excellent quality.


4.) Have your tailor do some adjustments

One of the greatest things about having a tailor is that they can have even the cheapest of your clothing buys look custom made for you. Furthermore, your clothes will always look impeccable on you as they make sure that it would fit you well. To look like your most dapper self, make sure that you do not only have well-fitting clothes, but clothes made to fit you by having them revamped at the tailor.


5.) A sturdy handbag

While most would regard a handbag as a fashion accessory, many women would actually see it as a part of their fashion ensemble. As a consequence, a sturdy and classic looking handbag would be a sound investment. Look for one that would not only hold your essential items inside but would also be versatile enough to match most of your outfits. Store them well for longevity and follow the instructions given in its care card when cleaning it.


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