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How long has it been that you went through your old photographs? If you would have gone through them recently, you’d see the difference in you and in you. You’d also see the difference in what fashion meant to men back then and what it means now. This certainly proves that fashion changes and so do the styling quotient with time and generations. All you got to do is – keep your fashion quotient strong to withstand every change that comes by.


If you are someone who runs behind the trends, remember that trends change faster than the fashion statements. If you continue to do the same, you’d have a lot of stock of clothing articles that will be of no use at certain intervals. Instead, you should work on building your own style quotient that’ll stay no matter what happens and will also set you apart from the crowd.

What you think will build your style quotient? Find them out below.

The gut feeling works

If you think that some jacket (or any other clothing article) will not look good on you, there’s a major chance that it won’t. The gut feeling must not be ignored at once. There are exceptions when the opposite happens but it is worth considering.


Experience matters more than you think

When you’re a grown up and you’ve been selecting your stuff yourself, an experience is what it is called. Good, bad or ugly, every kind of experience counts in building your style quotient. So, take a queue from your past experiences and avoid the faults that you made long back, avoid them now.


Embrace your denim jeans

When the idea is to go casual, what can be a better option than having your denim jeans? Being an integral part of the casual wear, jeans are your ideal option for the times when you are looking forward to a day on your toes. The versatile item can be paired up with anything and everything making it both casual and semi-formal for the respective occasion.


There’s nothing more important than your comfort

Comfort is a term that covers a wide spectrum, everything from the fit, coverage to the touch and feel. If it fits you right and makes you feel good, there’s no option for you to adopt it. Straight from underwear for men to everything that you slip into or pull counts in comfort. Even one article that doesn’t fit you, your comfort level goes down the drain.


Keep it simple and fitted

Last, but not the least is that keeping it subtle/simple on yourself with a form fit, it would keep you feeling confident. When you wear something tacky, it shows on your face whereas; when you have that pep in your walk, everyone knows you feel good. Hence, keeping a great fit on the body would keep you feeling good.


With these tips, you’ll be a fashionable man at any point of life. Do post in your comments and suggestions down there.

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