Christmas Holidays Wouldn’t Be The Same Without Bublé!

Michael Bublé is becoming synonymous with Christmas holidays as his previously released Christmas covers gain more and more air-time. He is also poised to sing his Yuletide songs to an enthusiastic intimate audience in a cosy holiday special airing initially on the NBC channel. He is inviting a selection of very special guests to join him.

The true spirit of Christmas should be all about giving and Bublé is no stranger to this, supporting major charities including Charity Projects Entertainment Fund, STOMP Our Bullying and Habitat for Humanity. In the UK he recently made history by quickly announcing a surprise show at Sheffield’s Motorpoint Arena in aid of the charities ‘Cash For Kids’ and

‘The Children’s Hospital Charity’. 12,000 excited fans had 72 hours to buy their tickets!

Michael Buble2

This may have been a challenge, but Bublé was driven by doing everything in his power to make it happen. Maybe it is this kind of passion and positivity that makes him so successful today. It may come as a surprise then to learn that Michael Bublé’s success didn’t happen ‘over-night’. Although from a very early age Bublé knew he wanted to sing in the classic jazz and soul genres and drew inspiration from artists such as Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder; he actually only really got his ‘big break’ in the year 2000 at the age of 25 (although he had previously won two talent competitions and had performed as Elvis in musical Red Rock Diner in ’96).

His break actually happened at a wedding party when he was discovered singing “Mack The Knife” by Kurt Weills. A guest at the wedding was Grammy winning producer/Warner Bros executive David Foster who instantly recognized Bublé’s talent and signed him on his first major label ‘143 Records’.

Canadian born Michael Bublé’s success spread globally in 2003, hitting the top spot in Australia with his debut major label CD release ‘Michael Bublé’ containing covers of classics such as ‘Fever’ and ‘How can you mend a Broken Heart’. He followed this up with a worldwide tour and also a recording of a Christmassy compilation called ‘Let it Snow’.

Bublé has gone from strength to strength since then. By 2008 his worldwide sales exceeded the 18 million point and he is no stranger to music award ceremonies. His talent also comes across well when he performs live as he has been ending his recent ‘To Be Loved’ tour with a fantastic unplugged extract. He has also diversified and become a minority shareholder in the Vancouver Giants, the Canadian ice-hockey team. As well as his obvious talent, maybe his success also has something to do with his handsome appearance and charisma that enhances his appeal across different nationalities and generations. Merry Christmas Michael!


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