What are the Three Kinds of Money?

I’m not referring to “types of currency”,  I’m specifically referring to these. 1. Today. 2. Tomorrow. And 3. Never Perhaps remembering them as, Young me

How Retirement Design Specialists Helps Its’ Affluent Clients

At RDS, our goal is to make a huge difference in the lives of our clients by designing simple and elegant wealth development and management

Everything from Cool Concept to Worldwide Debuts

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is almost here, as we await its upcoming press days this week. BMW will be one of the most exciting

The latest trends in cool pools

Moveable floors A big trend in high-end homes is to have a hidden pool – a dance floor or entertaining space that turns into a

Forevermark Inscribes Two Millionth Diamond

De Beers Group today announced its Forevermark diamond brand has inscribed its two millionth diamond. The diamond is a 3.48 carat round brilliant and bears

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