Fitness expert, celebrity trainer, inventor, and entrepreneur, Danny Hester, shares with Brass Ring Magazine readers an exercise approach, regimen and attitude that is easy to start, manage and sustain.

“ I know it’s hard to get in shape and stay healthy with the jet set lifestyle of fine dining, sleeping issues, always being on the move, business meetings, etc. If it hasn’t already, the lack of exercise and poor health will eventually catch up with you. I’m talking about the dreaded fat, love handles, saddle bags and the things you can’t see which are going on inside your body – these are the most dangerous. You spend money on making sure you have the best quality cars, watches, clothes, but yet, when it comes to your body and your health you treat it like it was purchased at a second hand store. So let’s keep that same mindset of quality control and high expectations for your body that you have with everything else in your life.”

Danny's pictureSo here are the usual excuses… You choose which one you usually use, if not all of them:

“not enough time,”
“too confusing,”
“too tired.”

“Not enough time.” Preferably an hour a day would be the most beneficial. But that’s not realistic and wouldn’t be recommended when first starting out. When first starting out you have to take baby steps. Remember you are trying to strengthen your body because it is weak and not in shape from a lack of exercise. So, I recommend 10 minutes twice a day, either morning and afternoon or evening, as long as it’s spaced out between meals. Try this for 7 consecutive days (one week).

For example, if you begin on Sunday, the first 10 minutes would involve some type of resistance training. The second 10 minutes of that day would be cardiovascular, which means

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getting your heart rate up to where you’re slightly out of breath. The second week would be increased to 15 minutes twice a day. The third week would be increased to 20 minutes twice a

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day. The fourth week would increased to 30 minutes twice a day.

So, starting off with just a quick 10 minutes twice a day makes it easy to fit it in to your busy schedule, allowing you to get into a routine without taking a lot of time. And now that you’re into a routine and as you slowly increase the time, your body will begin to expect it.

“Too confusing?” Then just keep it simple. Let’s assume that you are in your office. Start from the ground up, one exercise for your legs, one exercise for your abs and one exercise for your arms. For example, for the legs sit down and stand up from a chair 15 times. For the abs, from a seated position bend the knees lifting the

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legs as close a possible toward the chest 15 times. For the arms, do wall pushups. Facing the wall, extend your arms out to touch the wall, legs and hands shoulder width apart, hands should be shoulder height, feet should be the same distance away from the wall as your arm length. Bend the elbows as you lean into the wall, until your head almost touches the wall, then push away. Do 15 of these.

For the other 10 minutes, march in place trying to lift the knees as high as possible while trying to keep your balance and at a pace where you are slightly out of breath. Another exercise to

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get your heart rate up is to put on your favorite upbeat music and dance, making sure you’re slightly out of breath for 10 minutes.

“Too tired?” Try listening to some type of music that motivates you and/or looking at pictures of bodies in magazines that might inspire you. It’s amazing how tiredness most of the time is just a lack of motivation and inspiration. “

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